Section 1 – Overview
What is AHP Preceptorship?
From the moment you register with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) you become accountable and are expected to be autonomous with a responsibility to uphold the professional standards set by your professional body and HCPC.
Preceptorship is defined by the Department of Health (2010) as ‘a period of structured transition for the newly registered practitioner during which he or she will be supported by a preceptor to develop their confidence as an autonomous professional, refine skills, values and behaviours to continue on their journey of lifelong learning’.
The AHP Preceptorship Programme is a step-to-step guide to help with your transition from student to newly qualified AHP.

What AHP Professions are currently involved in the Programme?
Occupational Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy

What Trust’s are currently involved in the Pan-London AHP Preceptorship Programme?
Barnet Enfield and Haringey NHS Foundation Trust
Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
Central North West London NHS Foundation Trust
East London NHS Foundation Trust
North East London NHS Foundation Trust
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust (Host)
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
South West London and St George’s NHS Trust
West London NHS Trust

Our HEE funding covers the Nine Mental Health Trusts in London.

Who are the AHP Preceptorship Leads?
Felicity Devereux, Podiatrist
Anna Gillespie, Occupational Therapist
Hannah Tomkins, Physiotherapist
All based at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

How can I contact someone about the AHP Preceptorship Programme and how can I request a portfolio?
You can contact us via our email, website or social media accounts. You are able to request an AHP Preceptorship Portfolio via our website.
Website: www.oxleasahppreceptorship.com
Email: oxl-tr.ahp.preceptorship@nhs.net
Twitter: @OxAHPpreceptor
Instagram: @OxleasAHPpreceptorship

What is a Preceptee, Preceptor and Grandparent?
Preceptee –  Newly Qualified AHP
Preceptor – clinical supervisor/line-manager to the Newly Qualified AHP
Grandparent – Team/Service Lead or AHP Preceptorship Leads

What is involved in the AHP Preceptorship Programme?
For Preceptee’s
Monthly virtual Pan-London meetings for Preceptee’s with the Preceptorship Leads
A Preceptorship Portfolio
1:1 virtual meetings
CPD, support and guidance
Preceptorship Accreditation from LSBU – 20 masters credits for a completed Preceptorship Portfolio
A Pan-London AHP community

For Preceptor’s
AHP Preceptorship Training
Bi-monthly Pan-London Preceptor meetings
1:1 virtual meetings
A Pan-London AHP community

What is the AHP Preceptorship Porfolio?
You will be provided with an AHP Preceptorship Programme Portfolio where you’ll be able to collate your evidence for each competency, Curriculum Vitae, Supervision sessions, Observed Clinical Practice, CPD Certificate and Endorsements.
For each competency and evidence you will be required to fill out the HCPC Standard 3 & 4.

Our core competencies cover;
Personal and People Development
Health Safety and Security
Equality and Diversity
Profession and Post Specific

How long does it take to complete Preceptorship?
The AHP Preceptorship Programme is designed to be completed in the first twelve months post qualification on entering employment as a qualified clinician.
We recommend monthly Preceptorship meetings with your preceptor to discuss the progress with your portfolio.
At 6 months we would recommend a half way review.

What if I’ve been in my post for up to 6 months?
You are still welcome to join the programme. You can backdate your evidence.

What if I’m already completing a profession specific Newly Qualified Practitioner programme or a my Trust’s Preceptorship Programme? I.e RCSLT NQP Goals
The AHP Preceptorship Programme compliments other programmes which you can do alongside each other.
We are aware RCSLT has a mandatory compliance with their NQP Goals. We have created a guide on how you can use the same evidence for NQP Goals and AHP Preceptorship Competencies.
COP, CSP, RCOT and DBA do not have mandatory competencies to complete as an Newly Qualified Practitioner. 

What are the benefits of the AHP Preceptorship Programme?
Being part of a wider AHP community and an AHP community that are Newly Qualified. Some AHP's may be the only Band 5 in the team.
CPD is AHP specific
Additional support for Preceptor's and Preceptee's
Preceptorship Training (for preceptor's) which is aimed for AHPs, includes HCPC standards and supervision.
The Programme is currently virtual which means it is easily accessible
The portfolio has generic competencies which everyone completes and also has the flexibility to be adapted to each profession and role
LSBU Preceptorship Accreditation which means they can gain 20 masters credits for the completion of the portfolio.

Section 2 – Preceptorship Portfolio

What can be used as evidence?
Care plans
Clinical notes
Supervision notes
Feedback forms
Handover notes
Datix/Incident reports
Risk assessments

What do I do if I’m struggling with a specific competency?
We offer 1:1 virtual meetings to go through the Preceptorship Portfolio. This can be done with your preceptor.
Speak this through with your preceptor or the AHP Preceptorship Leads

Can you use one piece of evidence for multiple competencies?
Yes. You can use one good piece of evidence (referral, report etc) which can cover multiple competencies.
You do not need to have a separate piece of evidence for each competency.
We can discuss with you how to link evidence in a 1:1 virtual meeting.

How much do I need to write for the HCPC Standards 3 & 4?
A small paragraph for each. Please see example below.
HCPC Standard 3 – How have you benefitted from this CPD activity?
“I have learned that observed practice is a positive experience and realise that putting on a ‘professional face’, pretending that everything is OK, will not help me to develop”
HCPC Standard 4 – How has your learning benefitted your service users?
“Service users will benefit from my learning as I now feel more able to discuss weaknesses in my practice with a senior colleague.  The questioning during the reflective debrief allowed me to identify different strategies for managing challenging service users which I will try and implement in the future”  

What is Preceptorship Accreditation?
We have partnered with London South Bank University to accredit our programme.
The accreditation costs £485. You can request for funding through your Trust’s training budgets.
The course involves a 4 hour enrolment with the university which can be done virtually.
You will have to complete your portfolio with evidence based reflections and have a professional conversation with a lecturer at the university once you have completed your portfolio.
You will gain 20 MSc credits once completed.
You can complete our Preceptorship Programme without the accreditation.

Section 3 – Meetings and Training

How do I attend the 4 weekly virtual meetings?
Please contact us on our email address ox-tr.ahp.preceptorship@nhs.net with your name, your profession and the Trust you work for.
We will add you onto our emailing list and send you a link to the meeting.
If you are unable to attend we record all of our meetings so you are able to watch at any time.

Do you send certificates for the sessions?
If you are unable to attend the live session we will still send you a certificate once you have sent us your HCPC standards 3 & 4.

How do I attend the AHP Preceptorship Training for Preceptors?
Please contact us on our email address ox-tr.ahp.preceptorship@nhs.net with your name, your profession and the Trust you work for.
The training is currently virtual and held every 2 months. We will send you a link to an Eventbrite page to register your interest. We will then send a link to the training closer to the training date.
We will add your email onto our emailing list to send links to our bi-monthly preceptor meetings.

Section 4 – Completion of Preceptorship

What happens when I have completed my Preceptorship Portfolio?
You will finalise your evidence with your preceptor. Once your preceptor is happy with your evidence it will be given to the ‘grandparent’ who will sign it off formally.
Once it has been finalised by preceptor and grandparent they will confirm with the AHP Preceptorship Leads who will either meet with you face-to-face or virtually. You will be given a Preceptorship Completion certificate.
You will then be automatically put onto Preceptorship Plus where we will continue to support you to apply for Band 6 roles.

Once I have completed the AHP Preceptorship Programme can I become a Preceptor?
Yes. Once you have completed the Preceptorship Programme and ideally have your Band 6 role you can complete the Preceptorship Training to become a Preceptor.
Becoming a Preceptor means you will develop your leadership skills and help in developing another member of staff.

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