New Diagnostic Radiographer Course

After working closely with new partners and welcoming new AHP Professions onto the programme, we are ensuring that we want to constantly review the programme to meet the needs of each profession. It was recognised that some of the competencies created for portfolio did not align with Diagnostic Radiographers. We wanted to enable preceptees to have access to an AHP Preceptorship Programme to network and share learning with their AHP colleagues but also wanted to ensure the terminology used in the portfolio felt relevant to their clinical setting to help with their engagement.

Therefore, with the wonderful help of Tracey Chung, Quality Manager for Imaging at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust), we have adapted some of the competencies and created a new course on the portal. Whilst some competencies remain the same as our other AHP colleagues, a few have been adjusted to support the specific requirements of Band 5 Diagnostic Radiographers.

We look forward to seeing the first set of preceptees completing the new competencies!

With each new profession welcomed onto the programme, we will ensure all competencies are relevant and suitable. We meet with the required profession from each organisation to talk through our set competencies and how they apply to the different AHP roles. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to welcome your organisations Diagnostic Radiographers or AHPs!