Celebrating Two Years!

Celebrating 2 years of the Oxleas AHP Preceptorship Programme

The AHP Preceptorship Programme Leads are celebrating 2 years since the official launch of the Oxleas Pan-London AHP Preceptorship Programme!

Since the launch in April 2020, programme has been a huge success. We are especially proud there was additional support during a global pandemic which was a challenging period for all AHPs, particularly those who were Newly Qualified.

Oxleas AHP Preceptorship Programme achievements to date:

  • Link with London South Bank University to offer Preceptees accreditation for their completed portfolio.
  • 24 Pan-London Preceptee meetings, welcoming over 200 Newly Qualified AHPs.
  • Supporting Preceptors, trained over 160 preceptors across London.
  • Creation of the Preceptorship Portal
  • Programme is now available to external providers to purchase
  • A successful external launch with Midlands Partnership Trust
  • Offering opportunities to NQPs to participate in e.g. Health Careers Live, Day in a Life Vlogs and NHS National Careers Week.

To celebrate, we have created a Podiatry Preceptee Video Testimonial. Alexia, Podiatrist from Oxleas, talks about how the programme developed her critical thinking skills and how this contributed to getting her Band 6 post.

Contact the AHP Preceptorship Leads to hear more about a Preceptorship Partnership!