Allied Health Professionals Preceptorship Programme

Akoko, Occupational Therapist, Preceptor 3 2 Introduction Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust launched the Allied Health Professional (AHP) Preceptorship Programme in January 2019 to improve retention supporting Newly Qualified AHPs in their transition from ‘student’ to ‘accountable clinician’. Research indicates the first two years of employment are crucial in determining job retention. From the 2019 pilot there was a 20% improvement in AHP retention rates. Based on the success of the programme, Oxleas was awarded Health Education England funding to host the delivery to eight London Mental Health NHS Trusts. With the positive retention outcomes achieved we can now expand the programme to Acute, Community and Mental Health NHS Trusts nationally as well as Local Authorities and the Independent Sector. 94 % of preceptees would recommend our Allied Health Professional Preceptorship Programme to a Newly Qualified Allied Health Professional