Allied Health Professionals Preceptorship Programme

14 15 Our packages Our AHP Preceptorship Programme Package will include: 1 Monthly Band 5 AHP Preceptorship Meetings - covering generic AHP continuing professional development topics with an opportunity to network with Newly Qualified AHPs. The meetings are hosted by experienced Preceptorship Leads and can be tailored to specific local needs 2 Band 6 & 7 AHP Preceptorship Training - full day workshop covering the preceptorship model, role transition from ‘student’ to ‘accountable clinician’, work-based learning, implementing preceptorship using the portfolio, using evidence to meet the HCPC CPD standards, supervision, wellbeing and resources. The training is provided throughout the year on a bi-monthly basis 3 One-to-One Introductory Meeting with Band 5 AHP Preceptees - offered to all Band 5 AHP preceptees a one to one welcome meeting to support portfolio development. Continued support offered throughout the programme 4 Bi-monthly Band 6 & 7 AHP Preceptor Support Group - provides an opportunity for Band 6 & 7 AHP Preceptors to network, share experiences and resources with programme development 5 Preceptorship Portfolio and Access to the Portal - all Band 5 AHP Preceptees are provided with a Portfolio covering the five core competencies in Communication, People & Personal Development, Health Safety & Security, Quality and Equality & Diversity with a section on Post & Profession Specific and Observed Clinical Practice aligned to HCPC Standards 3 and 4 6 Accreditation with London South Bank University - practical support provided to attain 20 credit points towards a Level 7 Masters qualification based on the successful completion of the AHP Preceptorship Portfolio with a view to linking in with other local universities to explore opportunities for Accreditation 7 Bridge Building with Universities and Newly Qualified Practitioners - work with local universities to promote the programme enabling a smooth transition into first role as accountable clinician 8 Expanding to the 15 Allied Health Profession groups - initially the programme was designed for Dietetians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Speech and Language Therapists and this is now expanding to Art Therapists, Drama Therapists, Music Therapists, Operating Department Practitioners, Orthoptists, Osteopaths, Prosthetists and Orthotists, Paramedics, Diagnostic Radiographers and Therapeutic Radiographers. 9 Integrated Care System AHP Council Packages - bespoke packages are available for Band 5 AHP Preceptees in your ICS linking Acute, Community and Mental Health NHS Trusts with Local Authority and third sector partners as well as the Independent Sector. Package Cost for 12 months Price per Band 5 AHP Preceptee NHS Trust up to 500 AHPs £12,000 £24 NHS Trust up to 1,000 AHPs £16,000 £16 ICS AHP Council (up to 5,000)* £75,000 £15 Under 150 AHPs On request On request Bespoke Individual £300 £300 Copies of AHP Portfolio (on request) £50pp Ishmael, Bilikisu and Eirini, Occupational Therapists, Preceptees and Preceptorship Buddy